Hello Dream Chasers!

April 18, 2016

On Wendnesday, April 13th, we welcomed a group of Dream Chasers to the social robotics lab. The Dream Chasers first visited us in January 2016 and this second group took time out of their spring break to be with us. We shared a few ongoing lab projects and they enthusiastically took on the challenge to beat Baxter at tic-tac-toe. 

The Dream Chasers Program is a partner program of the Hartford Youth Scholars and Legacy Foundation and counsels 20 incredibly bright yet underserved middle schoolers in Hartford to reach past their current situations. The program holds individual consultations with each student every month to talk about long-term dreams through short-term goals to help set them on a path toward achieving those dreams. Lead by a group of intrepid teachers, business professionals, and community leaders the students embark on different educational trips each month to introduce them to new experiences and career opportunities that simply don’t exist in their neighborhoods.