RO-MAN 2016

August 31, 2016

A handful of current and former lab members attended the 25th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN) at Columbia Teachers College, NYC, August 26-31, 2016. The IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN) addresses fundamental issues of co-existence of human and intelligent machines. This year’s theme Human-Robot Collaboration includes robotic use in research and design, and the development of robots that interact collaboratively with humans, as well as support human-human collaboration.

Oral Paper Presentations:

Presented by Iolanda Leite, Disney Research (Yale Social Robotics Lab Post-doc Associate 2013-2015):

I. Leite, M. McCoy, M. Lohani, N. Salomons, C. Stokes, S. Rivers, and B. Scassellati (2016). Autonomous Disengagement Classification and Repair in Multiparty Child-Robot Interaction.  

Presented by Sarah Strohkorb, 3rd Year PhD Student Yale Social Robotics Lab:

S. Strohkorb, E. Fukuto, N. Warren, C. Taylor, B. Berry, and B. Scassellati (2016). Improving Human-Human Collaboration Between Children With a Social Robot. [PDF]

Presented by Laura Boccanfuso, Post-doc Associate Yale Child Study Center and Yale Social Robotics Lab:

L. Boccanfuso, Q. Wang, I. Leite, B. Li, C. Torres, L. Chen, N. Salomons, C. Foster, E. Barney, Y.A. Ahn, B. Scassellati and F. Shic (2016).  A thermal emotion classifier for improved human-robot interaction.

Presented by Apurv Suman, Yale B.A. 2016:

A. Suman, R. Marvin, E.C. Grigore, H. Admoni, and B. Scassellati (2016). Prior Behavior Impacts Human Mimicry of Robots.


Long-Term Child-Robot Interaction, featuring Iolanda Leite, Aditi Ramachandran (5th year PhD Student), and Elaine Short (Yale ‘10)