Three lab papers accepted at HRI 2015

December 1, 2014

Three papers authored by social robotics lab members have been accepted at the 10th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction. This year’s HRI will be held March 2-5 in Portland, USA. Each year, the HRI Conference highlights a particular area through a theme. The theme of HRI 2015 is “Broadening HRI: Enabling Technologies, Designs, Methods, and Knowledge”.

The three accepted papers are:

“Evidence that Robots Trigger a Cheating Detector in Humans”, by Alexandru Litoiu, Daniel Ullman, Jason Kim and Brian Scassellati

“Using Robot-Robot Interaction to Build Emotional Understanding in Children” by Iolanda Leite, Marissa McCoy, Monika Lohani, Daniel Ullman, Nicole Salomons, Charlene Stokes, Susan Rivers, and Brian Scassellati

“Comparing Models of Disengagement in Individual and Group Interactions” by Iolanda Leite, Marissa McCoy, Daniel Ullman, Nicole Salomons and Brian Scassellati