We’re recruiting new PhD students!

February 10, 2016

The Social Robotics Lab is very interested in recruiting new PhD students. Our lab is in the Computer Science department within the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Yale, and does work in robotics, human-robot interaction, and machine learning. There are few jobs that allow you to work on whatever you want to work on, pioneer you own projects, and investigate the cutting edge of human-robot interaction; this one fulfills all three. If any of this sounds interesting at all, please apply this fall! You are also invited to email the current grad students with any and all questions (http://scazlab.yale.edu/people/graduate-students). 

We explore human behavior and how robotics can improve human lives. A lot of the work is in the realm of socially assistive robotics and developmental robotics. We are interdisciplinary and incorporate knowledge from the fields of robotics, psychology, mathematics (machine learning), and computer science. Our projects range from robots that assist in collaborative manufacturing (intelligently offering you a screwdriver the moment you need it), to robots that can intelligently use nonverbal behavior in collaboration, to robots that act as personalized math tutors to 5th grade kids, to robots that aid in the social skill development in children with autism. We encourage you to read more about our current projects on our website- http://scazlab.yale.edu/yale-social-robotics-lab-research-projects

For more information about the Computer Science Department’s graduate program and how to apply, please visit: ​http://cpsc.yale.edu/academics/graduate-program