Collaboration with Gallaudet University featured on

December 7, 2017 features an article and video “The Wide-Eyed Robot Teaching Deaf Children to Communicate” highlighting the groundbreaking work on infant language acquisition lead by PI Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto with her Brain and Language Laboratory for Neuroimaging at Gallaudet University and collaborators at Yale University, the University of Southern California, and Italy’s University of D’Annunzio. With funding from research grants from the W.M. Keck Foundation and the National Science Foundation (NSF-INSPIRE), RAVE is a robot-avatar learning tool that senses when babies’ emotional-attentional interest is most engaged and “ready to learn.” 

Under the direction of Professor Scassellati, the Yale Social Robotics Lab has lead the project in building, developing, and programming MAKI, an open-source 3D printed robot to meet the needs of RAVE.