Welcome to Social Robotics at Yale!

Human behavior has been studied from many perspectives and at many scales. Psychology, sociology, anthropology, and neuroscience each use different methodologies, scope, and evaluation criteria to understand aspects of human behavior. Computer science, and in particular robotics, offers a complementary perspective on the study of human behavior.

Our research focuses on building embodied computational models of human social behavior, especially the developmental progression of early social skills. Our work uses computational modeling and socially interactive robots in different methodological roles to explore questions about social development that are difficult or impossible to assail using methods of other disciplines.


October 10, 2018
The Journal of the American Medial Associaiton (JAMA)  news article”In-home Robots Improve Social Skills in Children With Autism” highlights the labs recently published work...
October 1, 2018
Professor Scassellati has been invited to speak at Yale Explores, a lecture series “deigned to bring together the Yale community and offer an interdisciplinary exploration of...
September 11, 2018
On October 21st, professors Brian Scassellati and Justine Cassell from Carnegie Mellon University will host aworkshop entitled “Better Together: An NSF Workshop on Embodied...