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Human behavior has been studied from many perspectives and at many scales. Psychology, sociology, anthropology, and neuroscience each use different methodologies, scope, and evaluation criteria to understand aspects of human behavior. Computer science, and in particular robotics, offers a complementary perspective on the study of human behavior.

Our research focuses on building embodied computational models of human social behavior, especially the developmental progression of early social skills. Our work uses computational modeling and socially interactive robots in different methodological roles to explore questions about social development that are difficult or impossible to assail using methods of other disciplines.


March 9, 2020
Researchers from Yale’s Social Robotics Lab, Yale’s Human Nature Lab, and Cornell’s Robots in Groups Lab published a study titled Vulnerable robots positively shape human...
February 11, 2020
The American Association for the Advancement of Science has selected Professor Scassellati and 11 other top scientists and engineers working in artificial intelligence as...
January 1, 2020
An article in January’s edition of National Geographic features Professor Scassellati making a case for the theraputic potential of socially assistive robots for the...